Ingredients in your Foundation

Now if you remember from my skincare post I was starting to look at ingredients more. What really goes on your face? She linked to one site that you can see the breakdown of each ingredient.

I went one a spree on basically started looking at all these foundations and how they could be effecting my skin! I have sensitive skin and do tend to break out. What the heck am I putting on my face?!

Born A Crime || Book Review

I’m assuming most people know Trevor Noah. He is a comedian and host of the Daily Show. I’ve watched all his Netflix specials, which I find are more so story telling with limited jokes interspersed. He doesn’t leave me laughing the whole way through, but he makes good points on society, politics and can have great jokes. I wouldn’t say my favourite comedian.

Quick Makeup with 6 Products

Recently I’ve been obsessed with multitasking products. I get up super early and so I’m trying to get the time it takes to do my makeup down to a reasonable time. Girl needs her 11 hours of beauty sleep (which on a workday I usually get 6). Plus I think for travelling you don’t want a lot of products with you. Aka if you go somewhere warm they melt off anyways! Plus I had my luggage lost with most of my makeup in it and the last few times when travelling I kept it in my carry on. Which was a bitchhhhhh cause I over pack. I’ve decided to share my quick and easy 10 minute face! 

Dupes ~ KL Polish Part 2

Kathleen Lights released her summer line inspired by Miami, and it’s GORG. Love all these colours for the hot summer months. Unfortunately, USD is crazyy plus shipping? We ain’t actually in Miami! So here’s the dupes for the international babes.

Instagram Ready Face…for CHEAP

Alright cheap is a “bad word” BUT NOT TO ME! When you say “for cheap” I mean inexpensive. Not all good makeup has to cost an arm and a leg. I want to give you a full face of makeup that you don’t have to blow rent on.

Budget Buys || Good for your Skin

While I’ve been on hiatus, I’ve become obsessed with skincare. An old co worker of mine used to work at Sephora in skin care. She suggested some items to me plus I’ve been doing some research of my own.

First off, I’ve now noticed that there’s ALCOHOL in lotssss skin care items. I have dry skin! Why do I want something to dry me out? She also told me that the Clinique stuff I was using was full of chemicals. Guess what you can’t find anywhere online? The ingredients. So I purged.