Clinique Take the Day off Balm || Review

First things first: I am makeup obsessed. Like spend more than I should shopping online at Sephora. Like watching YouTube videos way too late. Subscribed to Jaclyn Hill, Tanya Burr and Jeffree Star. Yes, THAT obsessed.

I think I shall make a series on my blog that will review makeup products. This will be the first as I just recently tried it. So here goes:

One day I was perusing YouTube and stumbled upon MannyMUA’s video on how he gets ready for bed and takes off his makeup. He was raving about how awesome Clinique’s balm is. Then I see that Patrick Starrr is raving about it too. I know this is something I have to try. For a girl that wears 3 layers of mascara, it can be a bitch to get off. But this seemed to have answered my prayers.

It’s not a cheap item though, for 3.8 oz it’s $36. You can basically buy their foundation for that much. I’m a frugal person so I just asked for a sample to try before deciding whether it’s worth the splurge.

To be fair, I’ve used other makeup removers and wipes in the past and none except 2 seem to really get the job done without killing my eyes or lashes. Ever since I started taking off makeup I’ve used Ponds cold cream. It’s great for sensitive skin and according to grandmas everywhere, it also helps with wrinkles. Win-win.

On a particularly challenging makeup removing session I decided to test the bad boy out. It comes out like goop and really needs to be massaged for awhile before becoming something you can work with. I found it did not do the job as well as I was expecting, it definitely left mascara on my eyes still.

So was it worth it? No I don’t believe so and I won’t be purchasing, and I’ll tell you why and what to try instead. For significantly less money you can go to your local grocery or drug store and pick up coconut oil. Yup. Coconut oil. This stuff massages into your skin way easier than Clinique’s the Balm. It also tends to remove more (though makes a huge mess on your face). Coconut oil is great for any skin type and it leaves you smelling tropical.

Bottom line: Save your money and try coconut oil instead. It’s very similar but works a lot better!


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