Makeup Forever HD Stick || Review

It was my birthday awhile week ago and my family knows me well enough to get me a Sephora gift card (love you all). So what do I spend my gift card on? It’ll either be mascara or foundation and as my skin is improving with a regulated skin care regiment, I decided I wanted a medium coverage foundation.

I also want to try a stick foundation, mostly for the ease. It was a toss up between current hit Hourglass or the cult classic that is MUFE. I did a bit of research and decided to try MUFE. I’ve tried many stick foundations in the past, Bobbi Brown, Clinique, and they all end up getting returned because..blah. They just ended up looking patchy on my dry skin.

When the order arrived in the mail I was so excited. I look forward to trying out new products. Although this has been a staple of the beauty community for awhile, I was just getting to test it out. I opened the door early to do my makeup before heading to school.

The foundation is dewy without making me look shiny or greasy (of which I am neither). But not overly dewy as I usually prefer a matte look.

The coverage is medium but does cover even my dark spots. I personally prefer blending it out with a dense brush over a beauty blender. I feel that it covers more and blends out more naturally.

It does last on my skin for the most part except in some areas, but I am a known face toucher (especially in around the chin, where it does get patchy throughout the day).

Final Verdict : I do like this foundation! I love the convenience of the stick foundation and the finish it gives my skin. It does tend to last, though not as long as I’d like and can get patchy. I haven’t found the sweet spot of making it work just yet. I haven’t tried the Hourglass foundation yet – so this is my favourite stick foundation on the market.


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