SMART New Year’s Resolutions

I used to make “new year, new me” attitude New Year’s resolutions. I thought “this year I’ll be fit” or “this year I will eat better” or even “this year I’ll learn French”. Just so we’re clear, I still eat McDonald’s, don’t go to the gym and can’t go past bonjour.

Why have I failed every year? Everyone sets out with the best intentions as New Years comes around. We always want to better ourselves. But by making big promises we are setting ourselves up for failure.

Research shows your goals have to be SMART. That’s the acronym. Make them specific (I will eat kale for lunch), measurable (the length I can hold a conversation in French), achievable (don’t says I’m losing 20 lbs this month), realistic (I’ll take the stairs), and time-based (going to re-evaluate after a month).

This year I’ve decided to shop less. I will not buy things online (specific), I can measure this goal by my bank statements and the TD MySpend app. It is attainable and realistic (don’t necessarily need to buy another palette). I will also be checking in come February when I will have to buy presents.

If you make small, SMART goals and check in with yourself you wont need these big, unrealistic New Years resolutions. This way you wont end up feeling bad about breaking it. You’ll be in control of your goals and will have a better chance in succeeding.


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