Reading Funk

I can’t seem to get reading. I’ve read two books this year. TWO! I challenged myself to read 60 books this year after beating my goal last year (which was 50) by reading 56. Now I’m probably so behind I’m scared to look at my Goodreads progress. Where last year it used to say I was above schedule, now I’m so far behind.

One book I had to read for class, whereas the other book was Shonda Rhimes’ “Year of Yes”. For the record, it was an awesome book. I had only seen her show How to Get Away with Murder, and loved it. I obviously had heard amazing things about Grey’s Anatomy & Scandal but I heard not to start Grey’s because it was a commitment.

After reading her book though, she talked so much about Grey’s and related it to her life. When I was done reading, I thought “I’m going to see what this show is all about!”. Bad idea. I am now obsessed.

I started Grey’s Anatomy pretty soon after New Year’s (I read Year of Yes as my first book of the year as I figured it was suitable). It was suitable, but now my life is gone. A month and a half later I’m almost done season 7. I have fallen in love with the world she has created and the people she has populated it with. I have become invested in this world.

This has wreaked havoc on my reading plans! Instead of reading, I will watch an episode of Grey’s instead. I tried to limit the time I watched it, such as the mornings when getting ready, but even that didn’t work. I had to keep going. I feel like I need a novel that is just as addicting to get out of this reading slump. I need something to devour like I am with this show.

Hoping to catch up on all the seasons so I can have my life back and just my Thursday nights gone.

*Side note: Maybe less book reviews now and more Grey’s reviews? That I could do.


One thought on “Reading Funk

  1. I’ve been in a bit of a reading funk myself. I only find myself reading for class these days and not for fun anymore. I will get about 100 pages into a book and then put it down for weeks. . .

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