A Court of Thorns & Roses || Review

My last post was about my reading funk. Now, after this book I AM CURED. (Kind of funny if you know the plot but those of you who have read it can laugh with me). I saw my classmate talking about one of the other books in the series. Luckily I didn’t overhear too much to ruin the series for me. But I was intrigued by how animated they sounded when they were talking about the book. It sounded like something I needed to get out of my reading funk, something I could sink my teeth into, something I could obsess over besides Grey’s.

And it worked! Here’s how:

The story is set sometimes in the 1800s I feel, but she never quite says. Which is fine. There is tension between the land of the faeries and humans. Humans have broken with the faeries and now there is a wall to separate the two lands. Humans despise and fear the faeiries. The main character, Feyre and her family have fallen from their family fortune and are relying on her skills as a hunter and as her family’s provider to help them through.

One day in the forest, she’s hunting and comes across a wolf. It’s a fairly big wolf, too. You know it’s not human. But faeries are dangerous to humans too, thus she kills this wolf to sell it’s hide to feed her family.

Then a few nights later a beast comes to take her away as she broke the treaty signed by the humans and faeries that states a human cannot kill a faeries unprovoked. He must kill her. But the beast takes pity on her and gives her a loophole option of coming to live with him.

You can see the Beauty and the Beast theme can’t you? It’s based off it, but Sarah Maas definitely makes the story her own. It is well developed and addicting.

Even when you start to think you know something, like you think a love triangle may be forming (because really everything has a love triangle nowadays). She keeps you guessing. The characters are great and fully developed. Feyre isn’t a perfect character, she has real flaws just like everyone else. It was so refreshing to read something that was 1) addictive and 2) real. It was dark too so that was a change from the usual Divergent, Hunger Games (yes those are dark but I feel like this was more so)

SO SHOULD I READ IT? Did you not just read me gushing about it? Yes. Please. Go. Read. It was nice to know the basic plot but to have an add whimsical and magical twist of faeries is a nice change.

Another reason? I just started the second book. Reading funk conquered.


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