Neanderthal Seeks Human: A Smart Romance || Review

My friend just recently introduced me to BookBub – a great site that show amazing deals on ebooks – whether they be just a few dollars or even free. Being the person that I am, I usually go for the free ones.

As you know, a couple posts back I was in a reading slump. I figure I’m also way behind on my Goodreads challenge, so a way to catch up might be to read chick lit. I tend to read them quickly.

So armed with many free ebook downloads and an intent to read, I choose as my first book, Neanderthal Seeks Human: A Smart Romance. Here’s a link to their Goodreads.

I thought it’d be a cute novel, as the main character seemed promising. The reviews on Goodreads are above 4, if you clicked on the link. “This has to be good,” I thought to myself.

Janie, the main character is a whiz kid – though a bit emotionally aloof and unavailable. She is awesome at Trivial Pursuit. Whenever things get awkward, she starts spewing random facts about anything that can remotely be related. I liked that. It was cool.

Her love interest is Hottie McHotpants. (Can you see my struggle already?). At least with Shonda’s McDreamy and McSteamy, it sounds so much better than McHotpants. Plus he basically has no personality. He is the stoic, expressionless, controlling boss that you see in other chick lit (ahem – 50 shades). It would have been cool to see, as he’s her complete opposite.

But the execution did not go well. The characters were at most times annoying. The romance was not hot or steamy. The characters were very awkward with each other and pretty oblivious and dumb (no one can be this dumb in real life right?). The plot line did not make sense/it added a plot that did not necessarily need to be there. My view is if you’re not going to develop a story line to the extent it needs to be – don’t do it.  You’re detracting from what could be a good book.

With that rant done, do I recommend?


I’m sorrrrryyyyy. I know you have to be kind to the authors – but I want to be kind to the people who enjoy chick lit and want to read good chick lit. This isn’t it. Try Sophie Kinsella, Kirsty Greenwood. I love both of these authors and they write hilarious, loveable, sexy chick lit. This had promise, but fell short. Will not be reading the sequel (why are there sequels?!).


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