Old Navy Budget Buys

Round 4! Decided to do Old Navy today as many people think of it as just the basics. Which it is and does really well. Butttt I want to put the basics together to create a cute, fun outfit.

    1. Mid-Rise Harper Pants ($16.99)
      I’ve been loving the colour mustard lately. It feels very spring but also seems very professional to me. Don’t ask me why. I love these crop pants, great with flats or booties. I swear they won’t look like flood. Show off your dainty ankles (or like me, show off you cankles).
    2. Pintuck Swing Blouse ($27.50)
      Peasant shirts seem to be the rage this spring. I love this colour pink too and think it would pair very nicely with the mustard pants. I feel like this would be a great Easter outfit!
  1. Printed Linear Scarf ($9.50)
    Here in Canada, spring doesn’t always mean warm weather. It’s great to have a scarf to keep you warm in the in between weather. This is especially cute with it’s New York print.
  2. Laser-Cut Mini-Saddle Bag ($20.50)
    It always seem that once spring comes, laser cuts come back. I don’t mind that! It adds a cute touch to this small bag. Great to carry essentials if you’re going out for a walk. 
  3. Wide-brim Panama Hat ($14.50)
    How could I NOT include a wide-brim hat? These hats have been the rage for so long. Spring and summer is the perfect time to wear them as they can get warm. 
    Which brings your total toooo……

ON total

ON outfit.jpg

Time for hair and makeup


I know I just gave you Kayley Melissa but she is one of my favourite YouTubers for hair. I think because we included a hat we don’t want anything too fancy – we don’t want it to get messed up. Toussled waves are always a good look. Watch the tutorial here. 

km waves


I think a really classic look with a bit of liner would be great with this look. Pixiwoo is OG YouTube and the sister duo is amazzzzing. Don’t take my word for it? Watch this tutorial here.

pixiwoo makeup.PNG


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