Holographic Sephora – Budget Buys

I got a request for the holographic trend that seems to be everywhere these days. Coachella was also this weekend which kicks off the string of music festivals throughout the summer. So purchase these holographic items and make your glow out of this worldddd.

  1.  Ultra Shine Lip Gloss ($11)
    02 Reflex Frosty White sheer icy opalescent shimmer
    A light, shiny but sheer lip gloss to go over your own colour to add a shiny and icy look.
  2. Ciaté London: Mini Paint Pot Nail Polish and Effects ($10.50)
    Star Struck blue holographic glitter
    It’s so hard to get effects on your nail in the best of times, but this way you can forgo the expensive manicure and do it yourself at home!
  3. Sephora Midnight Magic Face and Body Glitter Pots ($14)
    Glitter has been all the rage lately. Putting it on your body adds an extra touch for festivals. Glitter can also be expensive so snag this while you still can.
  4. Sephora Microsmooth Baked Luminizer ($11)
    I have Sephora’s baked bronzer. And it’s great. Try the luminizer to get your glow to the next level.
  5. Sephora Frosted Light – The Voyager ($19)
    And if you are going away you’ll need a makeup bag. Or you just need a place to keep all of your holographic makeup. And of course, this bag fits the bill!

Your makeup total comes to (and it qualifies for free shipping!):

Total sephora



Won’t do a makeup routine to use all these products but I thought I’d include a festival kind of look. Here’s a super cute half up/half down hairstyle.


Have fun shopping!



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