Budget Buys – Pant Edition

Ever have those days when you just want to throw everything out that you own and start fresh? I’ve been feeling that a lotttt lately. The other day I was at the movie theatre and I realized mid movie that my jeans had a rip in them at the thigh. And I had worn them the day before. #AdultingWin. Not so much. So now I am on the hunt for pants! Denim and work trousers as my boyfriend has told me that some of my black pants are unfortunately see-through for my big butt.

So I decided to do this mini series, within this series, of restarting your wardrobe on a budget! You can’t actually throw all your clothes away, as much as you’d like to. Obviously, but the title this is the pants edition. But I’ll also do tops, dresses, whatever! Here we go. The horror that is pants.

  1. Skinny Regular Ankle Jeans ($12.99)
    You always need a pair of skinny jeans and how can you beat a pair for under $20?! That’s right. You can’t. Plus it comes in 4 different washes, so you can round out your skinny jean collection
  2. Aerie Chill Legging ($21.25)
    I’m sure everyone has their own favourite legging, but I thought I’d include mine! Aerie’s are so comfy and not see through. I think being not see through is the main selling point. That’s why I’ll spend the extra money so everyone won’t be able to see my butt 😉
  3. Woven Straight-Leg Pants ($24.40)
    These are super work appropriate and come in a range of colours, from bolder ones, to neutrals that can be worn with anything.
  4. Printed Elastic-Waistband Pants ($19.99)
    I think it’s always good to have a patterned pant on hand to add interest to your go-to plain white tee. The elastic waistband also makes this something you could wear to the buffet table (gotta think strategic here).
  5. Self-Tie Wide Leg Pants ($44.85)
    Okay, okay, okay. Beforeeee you start making excuses I know. I know this is a bit more expensive than the other items (sorry). And according to a friend, no one wears wide leg pants anymore. Well TLC’s What Not To Wear taught me this is a very flattering style of pant. It slims the hips and makes you look taller. Count. Me. In. Just make sure it’s the right length or make sure you have high enough heels!

Your total for revamped pants is:

total pants

pant edition


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