Restart Your Wardrobe – Shirt Edition

Hey guys! Sorry this post is now superrrr late. My bad. It’s been crazy. But I am back to it and hopefully back on schedule. I will probably be doing more book reviews  as I’ve been reading a lot lately (thanks internship).

For this shirt edition, I am only doing shirts. Sweaters can be in a different post! Here are the basics I think you’ll need to revamp your shirts:

  1. Satin Paneled Boxy Tee ($13.99)
    An interesting, and a bit different take on the classic basic tee. Different texture and also different shape. You need a good tee in your life. Can be just worn with jeans on the weekend for hanging out, or even dressed up with for work with a blazer!
    boxy tee
  2. Stretch Shirt ($19.99)
    This is a classic button up blouse. But the stretchy quality of this shirt makes it super comfy! I actually own it in a striped pattern and it’s my favourite blouse. It really holds it’s shape and it is comfortable.
  3. VERO MODA Lua Long Sleeve Top ($13.12)
    I feel like everyone needs a plain tee. This comes in some different colours that you don’s usually see and I think that’s pretty cool. Plus it’s inexpensive 😉
  4. Cold Shoulder Top with Bell Sleeves ($21.95)
    Try two super in trends this season with this deal. Everywhere it’s either about bearing your shoulders or billowing sleeves. This adorable top has both.
  5. VERO MODA Laura Striped Frill Top ($21.00)
    Another shirt that combines two big trends in one top. I like how this top is sleeveless but also has a cute ruffle detail. I also live for stripes and I’m so glad they are everywhere! I want them all….including this one.

Your total for your basic shirts is:

Total shirts

shirt rehall

Happy hauling!


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