Alex & Eliza || Review

As many people are, I am obsessed with Hamilton. If you have been living under a rock since 2015 (and I was til a few months ago). It is a musical that has turned the world upside down. I am waiting patiently not so patiently for it to come to Toronto in 2019. I’ve been listening to the soundtrack for awhile. I did my research after listening, I had to know more about Alexander Hamilton and his life.

So when I stumbled upon this book on Goodreads  I thought “PERFECT! I NEED THIS BOOK IN MY LIFE. IT IS A MUST READ”. Even though I know their love story isn’t perfect I love historical romance books, and with my current obsession I needed to read it – fast.

Luckily, fate was on my side (not Washington). The book came to the library really fast. I think I snatched it up before anyone could discover it. I have read Melissa de la Cruz in the past, probably around 6 years ago. I read I think most of her Blue Blood series. It was really good and an interesting concept until she introduced wolves. At that point I was done. Let me know if you think I should keep going with that one.

But to the most recent book. She started writing it after seeing Hamilton and it revolves around Alex & Eliza’s love story (so don’t expect Hamilton the musical in book format). It was really cute and told from both perspectives which was nice.

The dialogue felt a bit stilted at times between the two of them. Such as declarations of love…it felt like someone else wrote some of those parts. Did not sound natural. Like if you’re doing a time piece either follow the phrasing of the time or don’t. Please just don’t mix the two! Takes the reader out of the story.

I’m not very familiar with dates and things, so I’m not sure how historically accurate this is. In the acknowledgements she did say she fudged history a bit. I felt like at the end she wanted to tie it back to American history with another character that wasn’t really central to the plot. Plus the ending felt weird and rushed and I think the final “obstacle” didn’t happen and it felt just…wrong. Like it didn’t really belong in the book. I know sometimes authors feel like they have to make it more interesting. But I do not mind a book that centres around characters and not plot.

So, should you read this?

Final verdict:

Reommendation yes

That would be enough…

Yes. I think you should read it – but I would not have purchased this book. It’s a cute and fast read. But I don’t leave wanting more from the characters. I think that’s a good defining factor for me with romance novels. Do I want to know more about their love story? If I got totally wrapped up and now ship them hardcore, I know I fell in love too. I didn’t get that feeling here. Maybe because I know he later goes on to cheat on Eliza that I couldn’t feel commit to Alex…regardless. A nice day read!

Let me know in the comments if you’ve read it, what you think of it and what I should read next! I’m on an chick lit bender at the moment.



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