Quick Makeup with 6 Products

Recently I’ve been obsessed with multitasking products. I get up super early and so I’m trying to get the time it takes to do my makeup down to a reasonable time. Girl needs her 11 hours of beauty sleep (which on a workday I usually get 6). Plus I think for travelling you don’t want a lot of products with you. Aka if you go somewhere warm they melt off anyways! Plus I had my luggage lost with most of my makeup in it and the last few times when travelling I kept it in my carry on. Which was a bitchhhhhh cause I over pack. I’ve decided to share my quick and easy 10 minute face!

  1. Tinted moisturizer 

I’m trying out tinted moisturizer say the moment. Since starting watching Lisa Eldridge (she’s a goddess and super soothing to watch and amazing her ads proceeds are going towards Plan International) I’ve been loving showing off my skin and just spot correcting. Looks better than caking on a bunch of foundation. I’ve actually been applying with my hands lately and you use less product, get a more sheer coverage and can control more so where it goes.


  1. Concealer

Obviously, just use your favourite concealer. Mine is Nars soft matte! It doesn’t crease and lasts all day. I know in a pot it kind of sucks but just use a brush or I use my clean fingers! Powder if you like (not counting it in my list as I don’t really need it – I don’t get oily)


  1. Brows!

I’ve been going back and forth lately between brow products. I use Maybelline sculpt and define I mentioned in a recent post. Or the Benefit ka-BROW Cream-Gel which was a deluxe sample in a Sephora box and is still going strong. I don’t do a crazy brow. Just fill it in and fluff out if you go in heavy handed like me


  1. Multi stick 

I liveee for items that can do more than one thing. This Canada Day I decided I wanted to support a Canadian brand, so I picked up the Nudestix multi use stick in Naughty and Spice. You can use this handy product (which comes with a brush on the other end, score) on your cheeks, lip and even your eyes. I know you’re thinking who wants to put a red/pink colour on their eyes? If you put it near the centre of your eyelid ONLY, it looks like you’ve had a recent cry. You know how nice the colour and whites of your eye look after you cry? That’s what this trick does!


  1. Bronze – if you like

I know not everyone will want to bronze/contour. Especially if you’re running to get out the door. I personally love sticks – surprise surprise. You can always support the Canucks and use Bondai Babe from Nudestix or I’ve been loving MILK makeup’s Bronze stick. Smells kind of like silly putty but it’s pigmented, blends out easily and stays on when blended out! Plus you get a lot of product for your money.



Here is Lisa Eldridge’s fast, simple, yet beautiful makeup video. The secret is all in the skin!


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