Born A Crime || Book Review

I’m assuming most people know Trevor Noah. He is a comedian and host of the Daily Show. I’ve watched all his Netflix specials, which I find are more so story telling with limited jokes interspersed. He doesn’t leave me laughing the whole way through, but he makes good points on society, politics and can have great jokes. I wouldn’t say my favourite comedian.

But just the other day I decided to sign up for a 30 day free trial of Audible. I thought reading audiobooks would be a great way to dent my Goodreads challenge (which is looking quite sad I must say). I was planning on listening to the book while doing mindless tasks at work.

So I signed up and now I had the dilemma of choosing which book to have for my free one. I had no idea! Then I saw somewhere that someone really like Trevor Noah’s Born A Crime  was really good on audio because he narrated himself – so you can hear all the different languages.


Perfect! I decided to use my free book up on this one. It better be good or I just wasted my free trial…..

Let me tell you I was not disappointed. His stories are very poignant growing up in the time of Apartheid in South Africa, where his existence literally was a crime of his parents. I never really knew much about apartheid – they don’t cover it in schools here in Canada. His stories were a good introduction to learning more about the time, the causes, as well as the repercussions.

Some stories were heartfelt, some were laugh out loud funny. His “shit” story made me die at my desk. I must have looked like a freak! The final chapter, in which he talks about what happened to his mom – not sure if it’s a spoiler – but still I won’t say it.

I agree with that random reviewer as well, it was really nice to hear it in his voice and hear the different dialects and how they are pronounced (vs. how they would have been butchered in my head). He also makes the voices different for each person in the book, so it adds a nice touch. I did miss seeing the words on a page, maybe that was just me. I just wanted to see and soak in some of the things he said – especially when he was talking about his time in the hood. Very relevant and I just recently watched Boyz n the Hood, which EVERYONE should see. Still mad about that Oscar snub.

So can you guess whether I recommend it or not?

Reommendation yes

That was super obvious as I was hyping the book up the entire review! I like interesting biographies and this one definitely held my attention and was well written. Pick it up to learn more about the time in South Africa and it’s effects on the way he views life. Oh and I love his mom!

What audiobook should I listen to next?!


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