Quickie Update: Sale

Taking this time to let you know of a sale that is happening TOMORROW ONLY! I won’t be doing a budget buys on it. But I will have another Budget Buys up on Friday. It’s a bit different from what I have been doing so please let me know if you like it or if I…

Neanderthal Seeks Human: A Smart Romance || Review

As you know, a couple posts back I was in a reading slump. I figure I’m also way behind on my Goodreads challenge, so a way to catch up might be to read chick lit. I tend to read them quickly.

So armed with many free ebook downloads and an intent to read, I choose as my first book, Neanderthal Seeks Human: A Smart Romance

A Post for my Grandparents

I love my grandparents. I am close to both sets who I’ve seen a lot and have been lucky enough to have for most of my life. I used to spend summer vacations with him and my grandma, even March Break. My mom had to work to support my sister and I, so they were always there for us. I’m so grateful for all their love and support over the years

International Women’s Day

“Strong Women. May we know, may we raise them, may we be them.”
It’s a quote I’ve seen all over today and that has really struck me today. I lost my grandma on Saturday. She was one of the strongest women I’ve known. My mom, also, is a single parent, and has been raising my sister and I alone since I was 7.

A Court of Thorns & Roses || Review

Now, after this book I AM CURED. (Kind of funny if you know the plot but those of you who have read it can laugh with me). I saw my classmate talking about one of the other books in the series. Luckily I didn’t overhear too much to ruin the series for me. But I was intrigued by how animated they sounded when they were talking about the book. It sounded like something I needed to get out of my reading funk, something I could sink my teeth into, something I could obsess over besides Grey’s.

And it worked! Here’s how: